The Best 3 Awesome Apps, Go a Head to Reward Loyalty Card Apps – Stocard Vs Keyring Vs Cardstar

Stocard vs keyring & Stocard vs Cardstar & Keyring Vs Cardstar

Millions of people, Love to collect loyalty card on their wallet. Loyalty cards used to get the reward of their purchase from drug stores, grocery stores, bookstores. Nowadays it’s better to take reward on apps instead of using Wallet cards. I Challenged to test them to know the best app. I Started comparing three notable apps Stocard vs Keyring vs Cardstar and Mobile – Pocket.  All of these apps are available on both iOS and Android.

Stocard vs KeyRing vs Card Star

A Few weeks ago I have been using stocard and there is a big difference between when compared to two apps stocard vs Key Ring. Both apps say that they back your cards up to their servers.  Key Ring actually has a web-based interface that allows you access to your cards. and  Stocard does back up your data, but you are unable to access that data directly like as Key Ring.

Key Ring allows you to display the app’s widget for easy access.  Accessing cards on Key Ring involve scrolling through a list of cards.  Stocard displays your apps in a grid for easy access to each card.  Stocard also displays cards in order of most used, last used, or alphabetical.  At last, I find that the Stocard widget is easier to use

I prefer to use the Stocard app on your smartphone. just because it’s easier and more convenient.

stocard vs keyring vs cardstar

Card Star vs KeyRing

CardStar and Key Ring are currently available for BlackBerry, iOS, Android & Windows Phones. Both Cardstar and Key Ring are free apps.

In CardStar, you have to manually select each retailer that you have a loyalty card for and then enter your membership or barcode number.

In Key Ring has the same option as CardStar to select & manually enter in your memberships or you can scan the barcodes and let the app decide and add the number itself. If there isn’t a barcode you can simply select the no barcode box and type in your membership number.

CardStar allows you to back up your cards on to your device’s media card. You can then email that file to any other devices that you may want to have the same cards available on.

Key Ring’s backup is cloud based. Once you create an account and sync your cards to the cloud, you’re done. Any other devices with the app and using the same account can just click sync and the cards will automatically update memberships with barcodes.

When joining new programs within Key Ring, there may be special offers available once you sign up. CardStar shows certain promotions only.

Inside the Key Ring app, you will find promotions and specials as well as exclusive coupons. The app will even let you know if the coupon needs to be printed out in order to redeem in store. In an update that is coming, you will have the option to share these offers via Facebook and Twitter.

stocard vs keyring vs cardstar


 Stocard vs keyring vs card star

In Conclusion, stocard app has best features when compared to Key Ring and then When compared to Key Ring vs Cardstar it is better to use Card star App. Finally, Key Ring has lost when compared with stocard and Cardstar. Although Key Ring has so many features according to internet survey key Ring app does not win.

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